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January Clearance sale for my business Earthgarden Workshop is coming to an end, and when I say clearance I mean it. I am desperate for space in my writing/creative room. Today and tomorrow get FREE shipping on all $10 single candle tumblers. For only $10 you get a candle that burns 50-60 hours! I’m all sold out of Love Spell but have Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Pumpkin Spice left, about 30 in total. Payment is now through paypal; you will be directed to pay through paypal’s secure site then returned to Earthgarden Workshop. Thank you!!

Men Are Very Much Aware

I have noticed in all this talk of women’s suffering due to sexual harassment, rape, just general sexism this repeated commentary that men are just somehow ‘unaware’ and ‘clueless’ about these things and that is why they are so ‘confused’ about how to behave around women and can’t seemingly tell the difference between flirting and sexual assault. If anything is confusing it is WHY are there so many women pretending this is a thing and willingly going along with this idea that grown men are bumbling idiots who just can’t quite seem to grasp why they can’t grope their female co-workers, hoot and holler at women on the street, not force themselves on their dates, and worse.


They don’t lack self awareness. They are not confused. They are not unaware.

What they are, these sexist men…are people who don’t care what women think. Because we are not full people to them, we are objects. Do you care what objects think? Of course not.

Oh, they recognize we’re alive, but at most men like this might grant us the status and bodily autonomy of an animal or a very small child, but no more. Think of it like this, if you saw a stray puppy walking around you might think I’m going to take it home. But if the puppy doesn’t want to go with you, you might get salty and think WTF puppy, because how dare a homeless puppy be picky or whatever. But then when you grab it you see it has a collar, then all your anger deflates because you realize it belongs to someone already. It wasn’t rejecting you or acting like it was free to be ownless, or equal to a human being. It’s just owned already and probably looking for its owner.

This is why telling a man you are married or have a boyfriend (even if you don’t) works so well. Many, many men cannot handle rejection from women because they don’t believe objects have the right to bodily autonomy. They take it as, How dare you act like you are equal to a man? How dare you reject them when you are just a woman? But if you tell them you are already taken, usually they’re not angry anymore. This is why wedding rings for women are so effective. Ever notice how many men don’t wear their wedding rings? It simply is not an issue for them because they don’t have to ward off women throwing p!ssy at them left and right the way women have to ward off men (also plenty don’t wear a ring because they are cheaters but that’s another convo). A ring on a woman is equivalent to a pet collar, basically. It shows people, men especially, that you have a man, someone else already got you.

This is also why there is so much ire against lesbians. Lesbians are women who (from the sexist’s perspective) think they are free to be ownless. They don’t ‘reject’ just one man or a few, but ALL men. How dare they, what, WHO do they think they are. They see lesbianism not as a valid sexuality, but as an irrational wholesale rejection of men, and as a group of women who think they are equal to men.

Belle Gibson the Con Artist

This is a fascinating story. Belle Gibson is a former blogger who tricked everyone into thinking she had a brain tumor. The interview she did with Tara Brown was mesmerizing, because you could tell not only that she was lying, but that she did not care and had zero empathy for the people she used and hurt. In particular the family of a child who really had cancer.

Female Erasure Continues

But it’s not about female erasure they said. All while trying to erase any and everything woman-related, including attempting to deny our history, our biology, and to rename us. If you don’t think so, read this list by Rebecca Reilly-Cooper and tell me: what do you call people with these characteristics? The word for such people is WOMEN

1. Do you believe that being born with the kind of body that has the potential to gestate children – a body with a uterus, ovaries, and a vagina – is of any political significance? Does having that kind of body have any bearing on a person’s likely opportunities and outcomes?

2. Do you believe that people born with those kinds of bodies have historically been subject to any distinct forms of injustice, oppression, exploitation or discrimination? Have they historically been subordinated to the people with penises and testes?

3. Do you believe that people born with those kinds of bodies continue to be subject to any distinct forms of injustice, oppression, exploitation or discrimination?
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Ice Boy in China

“This image triggered a wave of emotion from people in China and all across the world. This boy lives with his older sister and his grandparents, while his parents work in a big city to earn money to support them. His family is poor (like many others in this school) but they teach their kids that an education is the way out of poverty, and this boy shows his commitment by making an arduous trek to school every day. This little boy walked over mountainous terrain, down trails instead of roads, to get to school and take an exam that day (which, BTW, he got a 99/100 on).”

Update on the Ice Boy Story

And Then the 46ness Came Upon Me In the Night

I made it another year, yesterday I turned 46! To all my friends and family thank you for your love and kindness, I appreciate you! Spent the day with my wonderful husband, we went to the Art Museum to see the Age of Jazz exhibit (today is the last day Cleveland peeps), it was so wonderful. It has literally been years since I spent hours gently wandering and looking at art. It’s such a balm and food for my creative soul. And then out to a lovely dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Great day!

Trula Earthgarden January 2018

Trula & Brian January 2018

She Escaped and Thrived

This is a harrowing story to read, and a very frightening thing to contemplate. But ultimately goodness prevailed, and not only did she avoid mutilation, this young lady changed the culture of her entire village. She is so brave, and was just a little child when she first ran away. I am so happy for her and her people.

“Finally, after nearly four years of dialogue, the elders in her village changed hundreds of years of culture and abandoned cutting. She had persuaded the men, and with them the village, that everyone would be healthier and wealthier if girls stayed in school, married later and gave birth without the complications cutting can create.

She and the elders planned a different kind of ceremony to celebrate girls, and the next year, the number of girls in school soared. The elders recognized Ms. Leng’ete’s work with a thing of great power — an esiere, a black walking stick that symbolizes leadership.”